Basic Course on Peacekeeping Operations Notions for Civilians

07Two days of intense activities on the CI Op Paz’s Civilian Training

On March 30 and 31, 2010, in the facilities of CI Op Paz, the Basic Course on Peacekeeping Operations Notions for Civilians started. There were thirty-one (31) students of IBMEC and of PUCRJ, in meaningful activities concerning themes related to the civilians’ participation in peacekeeping operations.

CI Op Paz Military Officer in the Sweden International Training Center


Brazilian instructor attends Peacekeeping Operations Course with other military personnel from 10 different countries in the Kingdom of Sweden.

Changing the 40o degrees Celsius for minus 10o degrees Celsius, 1st Lieutenant JOÃO MAURÍCIO DIAS LOPES VALDETARO, instructor of the Contingent Subsection, reported himself on March 15, in SWEDINT (Sweden International Training Center), in Kungsängen city, Kingdom of Sweden, to attend the United Nations Junior Officer Course – UNJOC.

EPCOEM (2010/01) - Unit Commander and Joint Staff Training for Peacekeeping Missions


Another EPCOEM was successfully concluded at CI Op Paz

Adaptability, persistence, decision, emotional balance and teamwork are, among others, qualities shown by the military personnel that accomplished, from 1 to 4 March, 2010, at the Peacekeeping Operations Training Center, the Unit Commander and Joint Staff Training for Peacekeeping Missions (EPCOEM 10/1) of the Haiti Battalion (BRABATT I -13) and of the Peacekeeping Engineering Company (BRAENGCOY 11).

EPCSUPEL (2010/01) Subunit and Platoon Commander training course in Peacekeeping Missions

foto08A new group of Subunit and Platoon commanders comes to CI Op Paz and is ready for the mission in Haiti.

From 8 to 12 of March, 2010, the Peacekeeping Operations Training Center  received 49 (forty-nine) military personnel for the subunit and platoon commander training course in peacekeeping missions of the 13th Contingent of Infantry Battalion and of the Marines Company and of the 11th Contingent of the Engineering Company of MINUSTAH.

Intensive Training of the Brazilian Contingent

foto04From 06 to 08 of February, the Peacekeeping Operations Training Center  held  the intensive training of the 12thContingent “Brabatt-2” (MINUSTAH), to be deployed in Haiti after the request of the UN and the authorization of the Brazilian Senate concerning the disaster which took place  in that friendly nation.

 The activity was characterized by the updating and exchange of information by military personnel and the organizations (DPKO- OCHA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNIC Rio, Movement without Border, Viva Rio, among others) present in the territory.

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