CCOPAB carries out International Peacekeepers Day ceremony

Rio de Janeiro (RJ) – On 29 May, the Brazilian Peace Operations Joint Training Center, Sergio Vieira de Mello Center, hosted the International Peacekeepers Day ceremony. On this important date, a tribute to military personnel, police officers and civilians who, under the flag of the United Nations, fulfilled the noble task of keeping the world peace. The following personalities joined the ceremony:

GEN (Army) Cesar de Arruda, Eastern Military Commander;

MAJ GEN William Georges Felippe Abrahão, Army 1st Division Commander;

LIT GEN Vinicius Ferreira Martinelli, Director of Military Technical Education;

LIT GEN Marcos de Sá Affonso da Costa, Commander of the School for the Training of Officials;

LIT GEN Pedro Celso Coelho Montenegro, Commander of the Parachute Infantry Brigade;

LIT GEN Antônio Ribeiro da Rocha Neto, Commander of the Division Artillery of the 1st Army Division;

LIT GEN Otávio Rodrigues de Miranda Filho, Commander of the 9th Brigade School of Motorized Infantry;

BG Fernando Cézar da Costa e Silva Braga, Commander of the ALA 11;

LIT GEN Moacir Rangel Junior, Commander of the Army Logistics Support Base;

Cpt Luiggi Campani de Oliveira, Commander of the Marine Corps from Ilha do Governador;

COL (PMERJ) André Silva de Mendonça, Coordinator of the State Program for Security Integration;

Sr. Yoshitaka Hoshino, Japan Consul;

Sr. Simon Wood, British Consul in Rio de Janeiro;

Sr Jonathan Mermis-Cava, representative of the American Consulate;

Sr Maurizio Giuliano, Director of the United Nations Information Center for Brazil, UNIC-Rio;

Sr Wanderlei Braga, President of the Suez Battalion Association;

Sr Jorge Rangel, President of FAIBRAS; Sr Lanier Guedes de Morais, representative of Itamaraty;

Sr André Simões de Oliveira, nephew and godson of Sergio Vieira de Mello, Patron of the CCOPAB and Commanders of the various OM of the area of Rio de Janeiro.

The activities began with the reception honors to GEN Arruda, Eastern Military Commander, which was followed by a military graduation, in which former members of the Suez Battalion, former members of the FAIBRAS (ACRONYM in Portuguese), and former PKO members from Brazil. COL Machado, CCOPAB's commander, read the agenda regarding the date and GEN Arruda praised the work done by Brazilian peacekeepers.

During graduation, a tribute was paid to the peacekeepers who fell at the service of the United Nations. As a tribute to those peacekeepers who died in mission, GEN Arruda lay a wrath on the Haiti Memorial, which is a tribute to those who died after the earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010.

Finishing the ceremony, GEN Arruda invited the blue berets to take a picture in order to build a memory of this remarkable day at CCOPAB.

Translation: LT Rangel


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