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Building trust: Brazil and the Quick Impact Projects

This strategic article seeks to analyze the relevance of Quick Impact Projects (QIPs) for the stabilization of Haiti, as well as the current and potential role performed by the Brazilian military contingent, when it comes to planning and implementing QIPs in PKOs. 

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UNITED NATIONS: An approach to the main currently discussed topics

This work analyzes the main topics addressed by the Security Council, General Assembly and United Nations Secretariat by reviewing the UN resolutions and articles. The changes due to the implementation of mandates of protection of civilians conducted the Peacekeeping Operations...

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The use of the language assistant in UN peace missions

According to Fontoura (2009), in the current world, which is marked by many conflicts in different regions, Peacekeeping Operations (PKOs) established by the United Nations (UN) constitute the most eloquent expression of supportive commitment of the international community with the promotion of peace and security. Their origin dates back to the period between 1919-1939, but peace operations were not included in the UN Charter written in 1945, gradually evolving in the institution....

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The UN mission to the Democratic Republic of Congo

The United Nations Organization Mission in the Congo (MONUC) was established in August 1999 as a small, unarmed observer force to monitor a cease-fire signed between the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), one rebel group and five regional States in Lusaka, Zambia....

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Training civilians to work in unstable environments

The initial section of this article aims at spreading ideas about the current complexities of the ongoing conflict areas, either in the framework of the UN Security Council legitimate intervention or in a situation of violence perpetrated by the State itself or by any armed group; situations in which the civilian personnel performing peace process related activities or providing support to the local population need to face in order to accomplish their tasks...

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Military Translation and Interpretation in PKOs

At present, in the international scenario, Brazil has become more and more important, either by its natural resources or by the highly skilled Brazilian professionals. Our Armed Forces have taken the same path, by means of specialized professionals with a lot of expertise, and have also targeted on mastering foreign languages as the most adequate and strategic way of standing out within the ambit of international relations....

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Training for MINUSTAH

At the end of 2003 and beginning of 2004, when Brazil decided to take part in the new United Nations mission in Haiti, and especially, according to the agreement with the Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO) that the country would have the military leadership of the peace operation, the contingents' training for this type of mission had as reference the procedures used to deploy contingents in Angola in the 90s...

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Protection of Civilians

This article focuses on protection of civilians (POC) in the context of UN peacekeeping operations missions (PKO). The current PKO mandates are evaluated under this new emphasis on POC as the most important task of the mission mandate...

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