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CCOPAB carries out the TrainingCourse for Non-Combatant Soldiers for Peace Missions

Rio de Janeiro (RJ) – On 29 November, in a pioneering project of national greatness, the Brazilian Peace Operations Joint Training Center (CCOPAB, acronym in Portuguese) – Sergio Vieira de Mello Center –, with the coordination of the Land Operations Commander, finished the Training Course for Non-Combatant Soldiers for Peace Missions (EPENCMP, acronym in Portuguese).

Thirty-two non-combatant soldiers, from different Brazilian States, took the course: twenty of them are from the Brazilian Army; three from the Brazilian Navy; two from the Brazilian Air Force; seven from Auxiliary Forces. It is important to highlight that thirty soldiers were female and two of them were male.

The students received general information about the development of the course and guidance for Distance Learning. The distance learning phase covered the theory of several instructions, among them: Weapons, Ammunition and Shooting; Command and Leadership; Information Management; Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense; Life Saving Measures; Crisis Management; Patrols; and Self Conduct.

During the lessons, the students took the Physical Aptitude Test, under the supervision of the Army Physical Training Research Institute and a psychological evaluation, performed by the Army Applied Psychology Center. In the end, three days of Exercise were carried out on the field.

In the end, there was also a workshop discussing "Women, Peace and Security".


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