CCOPAB holds the III Annual Meeting of REBRAPAZ

Rio de Janeiro (RJ) – From June 26 to 27, the Brazilian Peace Operations Joint Training Center, the Sergio Vieira de Mello Center, in partnership with the other members of the Brazilian Research Network on Peace Operations (REBRAPAZ, acronym in Portuguese), hosted the III Annual Meeting of REBRAPAZ on "ACTION FOR PEACEKEEPING - A4P".

On the 26th, Cel Marco Antônio Estevão Machado, Commander of CCOPAB and Dr. Eduarda Hamann from Igarapé Institute, Coordinator of REBRAPAZ, opened the Seminar on Peace Operations, coordinated by Prof. Karla Pinhel Ribeiro, from UNICURITIBA and REBRAPAZ.

The following researches were presented:

- The conflicting origin of the Democratic Republic of Congo and MONUSCO's action in the protection of children in the country". AMANDA MARCHIORI DE SOUZA RAMOS (UniCuritiba);

- The role of leadership in the new strategy of the United Nations in MONUSCO". MAJOR MAURÍLIO FERREIRA DA SILVA JUNIOR (ECEME);

- Implications of the use of UN peace operations in the fight against terrorism and the codification of peace by means of violence: another look at the engagement of MINUSMA and MINUSCA". DAISY BISPO TELLES (IRI/PUC-Rio);

- The Nyakhat Report as a UN institutional response to cases of sexual abuse and exploitation in peace missions and post-conflict reconstruction. BARBARA THOMAS METZNER (UniCuritiba);

- The role of women in peace negotiations". JACQUELINE GLASMEYER BONATO (UniCuritiba);

- Non-Pacific Points of Learning for Peace: Linguistic mismatches in the Development of Learning for Peace for the Democratic Republic of Congo (2010-2016)". NYCOLAS CANDIDO DA SILVA LAU (IRID/UFRJ);

- Breaking Frontiers in Everyday Life of Language Assistants at MINUSTAH". MOTAL VICTORY OF LAMARE FRANCE (IRI/PUC-Rio); and

- The recruitment of children in armed conflicts: an analysis from the perspective of international humanitarian law". GABRIELA GONÇALVES NOGAROLLI (UniCuritiba).

On June 27, the event was attended by Rear Admiral (Navy) Renato Rangel Ferreira, Commander of the Instruction Center Almirante Sylvio de Camargo (CIASC, acronym in Portuguese); Lt Gen José Ricardo Vendramin Nunes, Commander of the War College (ESG-Campus Brasília); Cel Fábio Negrão de Souza, Head of the Division of Peace Missions of the Land Operation Command (COTER, acronym in Portuguese);

Cel Átila Gonçalves Torres Junior, representing the Ministry of Defense and Counselor Viviane Rios Balbino, Head of the Division of United Nations-II, responsible for matters related to Peace Operations under the Itamaraty. We also highlight the participation by videoconference of Maj General Elias Rodrigues Martins Filho, Force Commander of MONUSCO.

The audience was composed of Military, Police, Doctors, Professors and students from various institutions that make up REBRAPAZ. On this occasion, the participants were able to discuss relevant and current aspects of the peace operations agenda, identifying ways to contribute to the strengthening of Brazil in this scenario.


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