Mine Action Course

The Mine Action Course aims at preparing military personnel to perform the functions of International Supervisors and Monitors in Humanitarian Demining missions under the aegis of international organizations.

The Course is developed in 2 phases and counts on the participation of military of the Brazilian Armed Forces, State Police Departments and foreign military personnel.

General objective of the course:

1st Phase:
• To present the history of humanitarian demining missions.
• To present the main International Treaties related to Humanitarian Demining.
• To start the study of IMAS (International Mine Action Standards).

2nd Phase:
To enhance the student´s professional capability in:
• Performing the role of International Monitor or Supervisor in humanitarian demining missions under the aegis of international organizations.
• Assisting the command or the upper echelon in decision-making process related to Humanitarian Mine Clearance.
• Technically support, as the case may be, the various organizations of the United Nations, the various organizations of the Organization of American States, the institutions of the host country's government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), which operate in the environment of Peacekeeping Missions and Humanitarian Demining.

1st Phase (E-Learning, in charge of CCOPAB): 20 hours - 2 Weeks.
2nd Phase (on-site training, in charge of CCOPAB): 133 hours - 3 Weeks.
Total: 153 Hours - 5 weeks.

The classes are conducted in the Spanish language.


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