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Command Adjutant

S Ten Jacirclei
Warrant Officer JACIRCLEI CAMARA AZEVEDO, Army Corps of Engineers

WO JACIRCLEI CAMARA AZEVEDO was born in Rio de Janeiro on 08 October 1973. He joined the Brazilian Army on 03 February 1992, at the 1st Guard Battalion - “The Emperor’s Battalion”, in São Cristóvão - RJ. He is from the Army NCO class of 1995.

He took the following trainings and courses:
- Corps of Engineers NCO Course (ESA) - 1995; Demining Course (EsIE) - 1998; Jungle Basic Training (7ºBECnst) - 2000; Bachelor of Theology (FAETEL) - 2003; Military Water Supply Course (EsIE) - 2003; - NCO Advanced Course (EASA) - 2005; Emergency Response and Rescue Training - 2010; Peace Ops Basic Course (7º BE Cmb) - 2013; Peace Ops Advanced Course (7º BE Cmb) - 2013; - Intel Advanced Course (EsIMEx) - 2017; Technology in Public Management Course (EsIE) - 2019; and Command Adjutant Course (EASA) - 2019.

Main career positions:
Engineering Platoon Squad Commander and Bridge Platoon Commander - 3 BE Cmb (Cachoeira do Sul/RS) - 1995 to 1999; Field Chief at Construction Sites - 7 BE Cnst (Rio Branco/AC) - 2000 to 2002; Water Supply Team Commander - 14 BLog (Recife/PE) - 2003 to 2008; Class Monitor of the NCO Advanced Course - EASA (Cruz Alta/RS) - 2009 to 2012; Chief of Logistics at Site Nr 05 (João Pessoa), 2 BE Cnst (Teresina/PI) - 2012 to 2013; Water Supply Assistant at BRAENGCOY 19 and Water Supply Chief at BRABRAT 20 - 2013 to 2014; G1 Assistant at the Office of the Brazilian Army Commander (Brasília/DF) - 2015 to 2018; Security Division Assistant and PIO Assistant at CCOPAB (Rio de Janeiro/RJ) - 2018 to 2019.

His merit promotion to Warrant Officer was on 01 June 2016. He also holds the following military awards and decorations: Amazon Service Bronze Medal, Pacifier Medal, Marshal Osório Medal, - The Legendary, Sergeant Max Wolff Filho Medal, Silver Military Medal, Troop Service Silver Medal, UN Medal - MINUSTAH, Army Corps of Engineer Soldier’s Medal and Heroes of Jenipapo Medal.

WO JACIRCLEI is married to Mrs. Andréa Mont' Mor Antunes Azevedo and they have one son - Júlio César.

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