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  • Creation of CCOPAB

    fachada 2017

    When the first contingents of Brazilian troops were deployed in missions abroad, they were in charge of their own preparation. Later on, G5 – International Affairs of the Brazilian Army´s General Staff was the one unit in charge of planning trainings and drills to conduct troop preparation.

    In 2001, the Peacekeeping Division of the Brazilian Ground Force Operational Command (COTER) counted on the creation of the Center of Preparation and Evaluation for Peacekeeping Missions of the Brazilian Army (CEPAEB), whose mission was to conduct the preparation of all Brazilian military personnel appointed to peacekeeping missions.

    On December 08, 1989, the United Nations General Assembly issued Resolution 44/49 focusing on “thorough review of the matters concerning peacekeeping operations in all their aspects”, which encouraged the State Members to organize the establishment of training programs for military and civilian personnel for their deployment in peacekeeping operations. A meeting with the same name was held by IV Committee of ASNU on October 04, 2005, during which the Military Counsellor of Brazil´s Permanent Mission in the UN/New York spoke in depth about this issue and emphasized the future commitment of several State Members towards specific aspects of the training for peacekeeping operations. Due to these events and to the increasing international mobilization of country members to create structures to enable practical dissemination of procedures and due rules in peacekeeping missions, The Brazilian Army, which is the most affluent armed force in this type of mission, created the Brazilian Peacekeeping Operations Training Center (CI Op Paz) by means of Directive no. 090, issued by the Commander of the Army on February 23, 2005.

    As a consequence of the international commitment undertaken by the Brazilian Government with the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), CI Op Paz began its activities with the task of conducting the preparation of Haiti Brigade, 3rd Contingent, which was constituted by the 9th Motorized Infantry Brigade. CI Op Paz was temporarily stationed at the facilities of the 57th Motorized Infantry Battalion (School Support) – School Support Infantry Regiment (REI), the unit-base of Haiti Brigade.

    This way, after the creation of CI Op Paz, from the third contingent on, all the other ones were prepared and deployed according to Chapter 7 of the UN Charter and so being coherent with the mandate of MINUSTAH and producing significant changes to the behaviour of the troops in the terrain.

    On June 15, 2010, Directive no. 952-MD appointed the Brazilian Peacekeeping Operations Training Center (CI Op Paz), a unit of the Brazilian Army, to prepare military and civilian personnel from Brazil and friendly nations to be deployed in peacekeeping missions and changed its name to Brazilian Peacekeeping Operations Joint Center (CCOPAB).

  • Mission of the Center

    missaoTo support the preparation of military, police and civilian personnel from Brazil and friendly nations for peace missions and humanitarian demining missions

  • Aims for the future

    visao de futuro To be a global leader in the excellence of the preparation of human resources for peace operations and humanitarian demining missions.

  • Subordination

    The Brazilian Peacekeeping Operations Joint Center is a military organization directly connected to the Brazilian Ministry of Defence. However, it keeps its subordination to the Brazilian Army through the 1st Army Division - Mascarenhas de Moraes Division. CCOPAB is connected to the Ground Force Operational Command (COTER) in what planning, orientation and supervision of courses and trainings are concerned, and to the Department of Education and Culture in what technical pedagogical orientation is concerned.


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